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Five Surefire Ways to Increase Your Employee Retention Rate


Hiring employees is not an easy task, but keeping them in your company is even more challenging. Many people know that retaining temporary workers is hard, but the same problem also affects permanent workers.


Either way, how do you keep your employees for the long term? Here are five solid suggestions:


1. Provide training.


While training is usually provided to temporary workers, you should also consider providing skills enhancement courses to your entire staff. This will not only help you retain them longer, but it's also a good business move. After all, a more knowledgeable and skilled employee is a more productive one. There are plenty of ways to provide training for your employees, such as mentoring programs and external seminars and courses. Know more about stay interview.


2. Pay well.


Aside from providing training, you can also keep your best employees by offering competitive pay packages. What you should offer your employees must be based on:


?              Skills and experience - What an employee receives should be in line with his experience and level of expertise.


?              Supply and demand - The greater the demand for the employees' knowledge and skills, the higher the pay.


?              Location - The higher the cost of living in your area, the higher your workers' pay should be. Cities in the Northeast and the West Coast have higher pay scales than other parts of the country. Of course, employees in cities should earn more than their small town counterparts. 


?              Seniority - Seniority always matters, especially to the employees. Don't take this for granted. Also, your senior staff should always be considered first for promotions and pay increases.


3. Offer competitive benefits.


Employees always appreciate employer-provided benefits, especially if they are married and have children. Some of the basic benefits you should provide are health insurance, life insurance, paid vacations and holidays, and tuition reimbursement. While training becomes more and more important, you may consider covering the costs of your employees' continuing education. For more info about stay interview, visit


4. Be generous with incentives and bonuses.


Any type of employee in any sector should be rewarded for exceptional work, so you shouldn't hesitate to spend more on staff members who are working harder than everyone else. Competitive companies usually provide not just performance bonuses but also acceptance bonuses and referral bonuses. To learn more about employee retention, you can visit


5. Use employee retention software.


Finally, employee retention software is a computer program that gives you an all-in-one view of and access to everything you need to monitor in terms of retaining employees. For example, the software can easily show you which workers are standing out for a particular period, and who are up for bonuses or incentives. Basically, this software automates all your employee retention efforts, so that you can achieve your goals with greater efficiency.